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Didi ( Amandine )
23 March 2011 @ 07:51 pm
Hey Everyone!

Time to post a short entry because i desperatly need help about this!
I've posted an lj entry about it on Dean_Sam back in 2009.

Yesterday i watched one of my favorites scenes and honestly, to my point of view,
One of the best performance In the Supernatural history!
-> 3.07 (Fresh Blood) : The scene in the motel room, Sam's speech to Dean " Be my brother again...just cause".
No matter how many times i watched that scene, it will always get me *grabs a tissues*. It's such a powerful & emotional moment between our Winchester brothers, not to mention the outstanding performance of the JJ's.
Here's the thing, i assume everyone noticed that score (song) we can hear playing in the background during that scene right?! Well, i've been looking for this tune since the episode aired (Yes, for so long).
I'm determinated to find a way to get it But 3 years later, I still haven't found it!
I was really hoping that this song will be among the others featured in the Supernatural Official Soundtrack as all the music on that CD are all the instrumental theme heard on the show. But nope, nothing :(
I really Love that song !!! I looked everywhere, i checked every single sources i could find. I'm out of solutions. That's why i need your help. and Maybe you're interested to get it too? So i would do all of us a favor :P
The only clue i have is that, apparently, the short score is originally called "Be My Brother Again" and it was composed by the Amazing " Christopher Lennertz ".

Grab your DVD's or just check out the scene Here if you need to hear the song!

If you can't help, that'd be great if you could just spread the word about it & pass on my message through the Spn Fandom & on social networks like Lj (of course), Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc ...

Anybody is free to leave me a message (A pm or in the comment section below).
And also, you can contact me On Tumblr, Twitter, Formspring, Facebook :)
(Ps: All the links -> In my sidebar)

I'll be grateful forever to anybody who will contribute in the quest of finding the (lost) song of the show!
One of the most beautiful theme Song ever heard on Supernatural !!

Thanks in Advance!
Much Love ^^
Xoxo from Belgium <3

~ Didy
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Didi ( Amandine )
08 February 2011 @ 11:58 pm
" How it feels, to have your Soul back "


Vidder : Didy
Title : Dean & Sammy | The Brothers Reunion (6x12)
Song :Perchance to dream
Artist : Two Steps From Hell
Theme : Supernatural 
Warnings : Spoilers for 6.12
Category : Musicvid, The hug scene
Characters/Pairings : Dean & Sammy Winchester
Length : 0m45s
Summary : " Dean ... Sam " 

~ " It's the hug we've been waiting for since Season 6 started.
That full-on, tight-squeeze, Winchester brothers embrace represented so much more than a
"Glad to have you back, brother." It was a sign that the show is back. "

Links Youtube
(hq) | Vidders

: ~ The moment i fell in Love with my show again!
It's all about the most beautiful Brotherly Love Ever!
Gotta say, i've felt like on a "rollercoaster" about this season 6, even, kinda lost the feeling for awhile, that passion i had for 5years *Sad statement* I wasn't even expecting much anymore and i was slowly loosing faith.
But i just kept holding on because deep down, i knew it would come back to me. Never give up (How could i, anyway!), 
My love is too strong! As strong as the Brothers bond!
And finally, Our Winchester Brothers surprised me and brought me back to my SPN life! And God knows, It feels so good!
I missed my show & my Real Brothers so much!

That moment is my little light of Hope. There's no word to express how i feel about it, so i decided to vid that hug scene on a beautiful instrumental song that says a lot , I love it ! All you need to do is to feel the melody, the clips, the emotion!
I wanted something as powerful as this scene was! I wanted to feel this intensity!

Everytime i watch this scene, it makes me cry & it  takes my breath away!
The Brothers reunion is really emotional!
That Hug is Epic!

(The first word that came out from Sammy once he's got his Soul back & awaken, was for his big Brother.
And then, there's the silence, the intense look they shared accross the room,
And the first word from Dean was for his long lost & found little Brother.
And finally, the perferct moment, the hug!) 

Not to mention the so intense & real brotherly chemistry between the amazing
Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki!
J2 makes Supernatural so real to us! So are the emotions!

(It remenisces me of all the amazing Moments we've been through with them so far!
For 6 years, it was all about their Brotherly bond, and it will always be, let's keep it that way!)

Being able to vid that moment means so much to me! Because, i have so many ideas but no SPN inspiration at all lately & this moment changed everything. I just feltthe vid! It's not perfect but I had to do it!
1st time using overlays & newblue fx package! + New HD settings!
 I must admit, I'm a bit proud of the result :)  

Dedication 1st vidlett about the Winchester Bros in a long time!
I have to make that special dedication on this vid!
Because these wonderful people are so special to me & because i'll never thank SPN enough fo bringing them to my life!
Thank You & Love You my girlies! <3

~  Kay, Steph, Nath, Biene, Nessa , 
~ Also : Deedee, Gigie, Lisa, Di, Survi, Sève, Tina,

And : Special mention for the KayDiLiNa Team (In which i am proud to be a part of!) (and Nessa/Tina) because you're not only my friends but also brilliant vidders, that i admire, respect, and from where i find a real inspiration!
People who are always there to support me & my vidding skills when i'm so frustrated not being able to vid as good as i would like to! (I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but they will never admit it haha)
And we can share stuff about vidding for hours & never stop. We're on the same vidder wavelenght. Nothing more to say! :) 


Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33


(Picture used, credit goes to midnight-road )

-> Watch in HD

|The sound could be low,
so you might need to increase the volume| 

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Didi ( Amandine )
19 September 2010 @ 09:40 pm
" I wanted it to be real "

Vidder : Didy
Title : Damon & Elena | Eterna (1.22 Kiss)
Song :Eterna
Artist : Audiomachine
Theme : The Vampire Diaries 
Warnings : Spoilers for 1.22
Category : Musicvid, The porch scene
Characters/Pairings : Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert
Length : 1m33s
Summary : " Maybe, it's somewhere along the way ... " 

~ Through that scene, i want to express the desire, the evolution that's going on between those 2 characters.
Damon feels for Elena, it's a part of him that he've been hiding for 150years & that finally comes up when he gets to know Elena.
And she knows that what she feels for Damon isn't love (yet) but there's definitely something, something that she can't explain.

~We all know that it wasn't Elena in that scene but Damon really thought it was her that he was kissing, revealing a part of him he've never shown since his love for Katherine & what happened.
He tries to admit to himself this sensitive part of him he never thought he would feel again. The human part that always defined him.
 Is it the begining of a love story?! ....

Links : Youtube
(hq) | Bvv

: ~ Long story! I've cut this clip after the season finale, colored & rendered it. And then i just put that project away for awhile. But then, my pc had a very important prob, and he has been completly rebooted.
Thank God, all my files was saved on my external hard drive but all my vidding project are now no longer possible to use. After i got Sony vegas re-installed, i told myself maybe i should stop vidding
because everytime there's something bad that happens & keep me away from vidding stuff.
But i was dying to vid something & i thought why not trying to use the Delena scene i've rendered. And i wanted to experiment the moving text thing & to fit voice-overs as well plus wanted so badly to use a new sparkle!
Anyways! That vid looks original & contains only 1 scene but
I wanted something as powerful as this scene was! I wanted to feel this intensity!
So i started it & this is how it ended up. I'm really happy on how the vid turns out to be so i Hope you like it ! =)

Dedication : Special thanks to my amazing Kay (Kjcharmed)
who always has the words the give me more confidence in me & my vidding mojo.
But also because everytime i vid something, there's a point where i need Kay's pov & ideas abt my project. Talk about Co-dependance xD 
It's comforting me to know that she's there not only for me but also for taking time to help me through my creativity.
And she deserves that dedication for loving this vid so much, it's one of her fav in that category so i dedicate it to her. 
Thank you so much for everything you are & everything you do hunny! Xoxo ^^

~Also, i dedicate this vid to my close friends (Steph, Biene, Di, Nath, Soph & more!..) who keep encouraging me & my mojo for the love of us xD & for Spn/Tvd :) I am really grateful to them for everything you do my hunnies ! Xoxo :)

ps : I don't know what's wrong with youtube but he keeps fuck it up with my hq quality on my vids!
so i'm sorry, the 720p resolution looks damaged but the lower resolution works as well.



Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(Picture used, credit goes to me )

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Didi ( Amandine )

" Nothing never really ends "

: Didy
Title : Dean & Sam | With great courage (S5 finale)
Song : With great courage
Artist : Fired Earth Music
Theme : Supernatural
Warnings : Spoilers for season 5 finale "Swan Song"
Category : Musicvid
Characters / Pairings : Dean & Sam Winchester
Length : 1m35s
Summary : " Nothing ever really ends "

~ Back on the events from the season 5 finale. The Bros found their inner strenght to defeat the ultim evil force In their own Weakness, their Brotherly love!
~ It's showing that Supernatural is all about the emotional bond between the Brothers. Even in the darkest hours, they are there for each other. No matter what the journey is, they will always be together, in a way or another.
They feel trapped in a Destiny, they want one another to be happy but when life separates them, they don't abandon all hope. They would sacrifice anything and sometimes they get something back. They will find each other again & no matter what will be on their way, their brotherly love will always be the whole point. Nothing never really ends

Links Youtube
(hq) | Bvv

: ~  I started this vid a couple of weeks ago. I heard the song & thought about a Spn promo, i wanted to make it short but then i realized, i wanted to put everything in it! Bad idea, you don't say. So i decided to make a vid that returns back to the events of the season 5 finale. And how the bros had to deal with all those things. Showing in the end that nothing never really ends & because they're back together soon!
I tried new tricks on Sony Vegas. I don't know how i did that, i just followed my instinct. Hopefully, it hasn't turned out to bad. I've never done such a vid. I'm kind of proud & happy So i hope you guys enjoy it !
Btw, coloring by me! =D

Dédicaton : ~ I owe a huge special thanks to my dear friend Kayleigh
because without her maybe that vid would've never seen the daylight. This vid was supposed to up many weeks ago but then my pc kind of died, went back to the manufacturer, seems to be fixed but completly rebooted so Thank God i had 2 versions rendered, with/without a texture because no more editing for this one. She pointed me that the one without the texture has a better quality & she's a brilliant vidder so what a vidder say is always good to listen & she was right anyway. but new prob, I uploaded the vid several times this past days & youtube keeps damaging my file when it goes over the 360 resolution! (so btw, that's why i didn't put the hq stream link) so i asked Kay a huge favor & she took time to work with me to get it uploaded for me & see if it was Youtube or me. (of course that's youtube so i can't do anything to fix it).  But i decided to show it to you. it's my lil piece of art after all.
So she has a dedication on that vid for being such a nice, kind, lovely person, my friend and being such an inspiration in vidding stuff! And i got to thank her because she knows how addicted i am to her vids & she made me many dedication & i'm so grateful for all she says about me, i'm deeply touched & i had to give it back to her because she deserves it !!
Thanks BB !!!



Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(Animated icon used : Credit goes to me)

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Didi ( Amandine )
21 July 2010 @ 06:55 pm

" I don't do bored & impatient "

: Didy
Title : Damon Salvatore | Tik Tok
Song : Tik Tok
Artist : Kesha
Theme : The Vampire Diaries 
Warnings : Spoilers for 1.06
Category : Musicvid, a scene
Character : Damon Salvatore
Length : 1m03s
Summary : " And now we're gonna party till the sun goes down! "

Links Youtube
 (hq) | bbv

: ~ To be honest, that vid was unexpected. I cut the clips a few weeks ago because i wanted to try some news things i've learned with Sony Vegas. But then, my muse just let me down so i thought i would not get this vid done. But i didn't delete the project.
Last thursday, i suddenly decided to start a new vid project. I cut the clips and then i told myself that i will continue the editing the next day. but things turned out that i got a really bad headache all day long that Friday, i spent the day in bed, sick like hell. my head hurt for 2 days :( when i got back on the computer, all i wanted was vidding but when i opened my new project, the inspiration wasn't there i don't know why. But i wanted to vid so badly! So i thought, why not trying to do something with that Tvd scene. I opened it & start working on it!
It's probably the fatest vid i've ever made. finally, it's done!
Oh i forgot, btw, The coloring has been made by who?! I know! I know! ... Me =D
I mixed the song not so well, sry about that, i could do better but i wanted it with simple things.
I'm happy how the vid turned out to be so i hope you'll like it



Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(Animated icons used, by me )
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Didi ( Amandine )


Hey everyone!

As you all know now, i support an amazing charity "A dog's life Rescue" (officially endorsed by Jared Padalecki).
I try to help as much as i can because they really deserve it
for all the wonderful work they are doing everyday to save lives of abandon animals in need.
They're currently participating to a contest from the Chase communuty giving
who are offering 20,000grand to 200 charities! Things is, only the first 200 places will win.
That's where i need you all my friends!

To all of you animal lovers, Plz i'm begging you, go there

and vote ADLR. If you haven't voted yet, go vote now!
when it's done, plz, pass it on, keep spreading the word everywhere you can!
Share this article, post reminder on your fb wall, on twitter, on livejournal, on forum, emails, etc...
They need our help to win an awesome prize that could help them so much for saving lives of cutties!
they work so hard, all we have to do just takes a few minutes & click here & there that's all!
Let's show them how the Spn fandom & co is strong enough to win this fight =P


Btw, Jared counts on us!
He made a short webcam video to ask us to help
ADLR in the Chase community giving contest!
Here's the video (Published by SupportSupernatural, for A dog's life rescue)
Jared Statement :


From "A dog's life rescue" :
Hi all. Please tell your friends that we have less than a few HOURS left in the Chase Community Giving Contest! Please help us win some money so we can keep doing what we do every day! We are all volunteers, so 100% of our donations go right to the animals!


Msg from Heather Vitas (from SupportSupernatural) :

We are trying desperately to help A Dog's Life Rescue get votes
to be awarded money from Chase.
We need a lot of help!

If you are on Facebook, please go here :
http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/562507467-a-dogs-life-rescue and vote. Don't want to spend your vote on this charity but another? That's fine cause you get 20 votes. After you vote 3 times, I think it is, you will receive a gift vote you can send to someone else to use as a vote (send it to someone else who will vote for ADLR, users can only vote for one charity twice). And after you use all of your 20 votes, you get another gift vote.

Please help us get A Dog's Life Rescue in at least the top 200 charities listed! They could get $20grand!

THANK YOU so much and please pass this on to your friends!


A dog's life rescue

website : http://www.adogsliferescue.org/
facebook : http://www.facebook.com/adogsliferescue?ref=ts
twitter : http://twitter.com/adogsliferescue



Didy ^^

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Didi ( Amandine )

" You & I, we have something "

Vidder : Didy
Title : Damon & Elena | It is what it is | The dance scene
Song : It is what it is
Artist : Lifehouse
Theme : The Vampire Diaries 
Warnings : Spoilers for 1.19
Category : Musicvid, a scene
Characters/Pairings : Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert
Length : 1m46s
Summary : " I was only looking for a shortcut home. But it’s complicated, So complicated "
                 ~ Unspoken feelings ?! ... Maybe it is somewhere along the way ...

Links : Youtube
 (hq) | bbv

: ~ To be honest. This vid is unexpected. I can't still believe that i just edited a vid about something else than Supernatural. But obviously, it happened. Long story short, I fell in love with "The Vampire Diaries" ! I'm literally shocked. For months now, some of my besties (who are die hard Spn/TVD fans) have tried to convince me to watch the show, i told them i will watch some clips on yt, but to be honest, I've heard some critics about it when it started so i wasn't even enthousiast at 50% but i've promised my lovelies that i'll give it a try so i started watching some musicvids about the main pairings of the show some weeks ago & really liked it. And i decided to watch an epi (on yt) some days ago. I was really afraid to be disapointed. fact is i really got into it! so 1 week ago, i decided to give it a try & dl 2 episodes. i was reallly excited about that! i watched them & gosh *Din din din* i fell something i haven't fell in a very long time. the feeling you have when you see something for the very first time, getting to know new characters, new story etc..so i dl'd 2 other episodes & i knew i was definitely addicted. I love that show. i must say, My heart will always belong to Spn & our Winchester Bros, but since Spn, i haven't fell like that. And, Ian Somerhalder is a real revelation as Damon Salvatore. i like the 3 main characters & the  casting is just perfect, they get along so well, they have such an amazing chemistry on/off screen, it's awesome. Anyway, I guess the evil plan of my besties worked as well, they got me in. I have to thank them for that. And then i heard that song by lifehouse that i love & noticed it was on tvd! I'm a newbie working with sv pro, i wanted to try new tricks i've just learned, & i told myself, why not picking a tvd scene & The dance scene just came out. Not to mention i only have 4 eps at the moment. honestly, i've never thought, i could edit a vid so fast! well it took hours, a few days, but not weeks! i'm amazed lool
Yesterday, my sis watched the vid, (and God knows she's not in my whole vidding addiction thing), and she said it was beautiful, she loved it! i can't still believe it! it made me feel amazing & gave me more confidence =D
Like i said, It took me days but i'm really happy & kind of proud about the wonderful result. Even got me teary eyes.

btw, coloring by me x) My very first The Vampire Diaries muscivid ever!
Hope you like it ! =)

Dedication : Like i said, i don't do dedications often but again, i have to make one this time. because without those people, i would probably never watched the show & missed such an amazing story!
So! I dedicate this vid to thank 3 special people for being such wonderful friends & tv show addicts with good tastes...
To Steph, Kay, Biene ! love ya girls!


Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(Picture used, credit goes to midsummerly)

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Didi ( Amandine )

" Mr & Mrs Padalecki (02/27/10) "


Vidder : Didy
Title : Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese | The perfect winter Wedding | Love song
Song : Love song
Artist : Enya
Theme : Their wedding day on February 27th 2010
Warnings : If you don't like the Happy couple, watch at your own risks but no bashing please.
Category : slideshow of  the official pictures from
the Rehearsal, the ceremony & the reception + some photoshoots on their Engagement :)
Characters/Pairings : Mr & Mrs Padalecki
Length : 4.00mins
Summary : " Love you, i will love you, Need you, i will need you ... Yes i do "
The love Story of Jared & Genevieve.

For a magnificent article about their magical & perfect Winter wedding,
Go check out this link !! There are details like the event, how Jared proposed, etc...

Links : Youtube (hq)

: ~ Honestly, i don't know how that vid happened. But since those lovely pictures have been published, i watched them several times & i'm always like "it's gorgeous, they were made for each other" and i always have tears in my eyes.
And then, every day, i'm looking for effects, textures, tutos.. to learn a bit more about sony vegas. And i found how to add sparkles on my vids, so i wanted to try something like that. And then i created my very first colouring (Used in that vid!)! the perfect one!
And finally, i listened to this song, thanks to my itunes. And i knew i was going to vid that with Gen & Jared Wedding pictures.
I originally kept that song for Jensen & Danneel but i changed my mind!
It took me days but i'm really happy about the result. Even got me teary eyes.
Hope you like it ! =)


Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(fanart Used : Credit goes to me)
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Didi ( Amandine )

Hey Everyone!

So, yet again, here i am, asking you for help about sony vegas.
it's been a few weeks now that i'm working with that program & i'm learning a lot of things & try to realise them almost every day.
not to mention I googled when i got some probs and thanks to amazing tutorials & youtube lessons!
btw, i just made my 1st very own colouring by myself ! (well, got helped by a yt tutorial but still!) & i can tell you that, i'm proud of myself! it's simply Gorgeous! i was looking for a coloring like that for a long time & now it's mine & it makes me so happy! it's just perfect! anyway! let's get where the problem is.

when i'm working on a vid project, i want to use my coloring. i can do it but in a strange way though wheni want to change it, ('cause i can't). my friend Nessa told me i could change my colouring of my vid anytime i wanted to & that's where i have a prob.
follow me....

i have...
a vid project opened & my colouring saved as a sony vegas project.

back to my opened vid project, i'm working on it, editing my vid & i want to add a nice coloring. so i take my sv file (coloring) & slip it to the media section of my current vid project, nothing happens :(
so, i have to open my coloring file as a new sv project, and then i have to copy my entire vid project & past it in the new one where this time there's a little thing in the media track that shows up & tell me that the coloring effect is there. I can remove it or add another one. All i can do is editing the effects that makes the coloring one/one :( i need to do that everytime if i want to change it. I don't know what to do :(

i suck at explaning this. i edited a vid to show you my prob! The vid sucks but ithink you' get an idea
Step by step, here's what i have to do everytime i want to change my coloring :s i have no other choices :s

 (the vid)


Also : does anyone know a good way to move multiple clips at once rather than "select all" or "Ctrl+D" ?!  :)

thanks in advance for everything if someone read this & have a solution to share!




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Didi ( Amandine )
" We'll find it ... You & me "

: Didy
Title : D & S | The Amulet | Hope Always | A brother's bond (5.16)
Song : Hope always
Artist : X-ray dog 
Theme : Supernatural
Warnings : spoilers for Spn 5.16 (Dark side of the Moon) ; Ending scene
Category : general
Characters/Pairings : Dean & Sammy Winchester
Length : 0m48sec
Summary : " You're loosing faith... In yourself ... In your brother  "

Links Youtube (hq) | bbv

A/N : ~  When we see how much Sam's perspectives about his love for his family (Dean) have changed & how Sammy realizes it (now he can't live without this co-dependance w/his bro. They're soulmates after all :P), Dean is broken by what he saw.The only thing that kept him going in that apocalyptic time was his faith he had in his relationship with his little bro.He gave so much to his family & now he feels betrayed. He thinks their brotherly relationship has never meant for Sam what it meant for him & now he's ready to abandon all hope. When Sam wants them to stick together, Dean ditches the Amulet in a trash, one of closest symbol of their love, 
so is the Brother's relationship.Their bond is broken but there's still love & hope ....

Honestly, that vid wasn't supposed to end up online. I wanted to make a new vid about the bros in season 5 but i thought maybe it was shooting too high without knowing sony vegas that much by now. So i just cut a scene & wanted to make something like a vid-test to try a bunch of effects & to learn a few more stuff about sv pro this week. Then i thought, maybe i should try to work on it seriously with what i was learning & if it'd turn out to be a good one that i was kind of happy with it, then i'll share it as a new vid =D I miss vidding so much! I chose that scene, 'cause i thought it was a short but important scene & i'm sure that everyone stopped breathing during this moment!
I spent hours on that 50seconds vid & thing is, i dunno if it's good or not, at this point, i went blind Lol I tried my best to edit it correctly but there's still things that bother me in it because of transitions effects between a few clips but i can't fix it. It's so frustrating ! But my sis looked at the vid & told me she hasn't seen what i was talking about, i must admit it, i look at every details, i'm a perfectionnist. So i uploaded it. And my friend Kay told me she was loving the vid already, that gave me confidence. So i Hope people will enjoy it & get into it despite the issues i had with the vid.
ps: This vid is the 1st one i edit entirely with Sony vegas.(the one from last week, i got helped just a lil bit by wmm ;)) all those effects i used to make the vid are totally new to me, i just learned them these past days!
I like being able to generate the emotions of the show in my vids but with sony vegas, i think i may need some time to do it ;) So forgive me if it's not as perfect as i would, Hope you'll like it :)

Rate & comments are loved <3333

~ Love Xoxo ^^

Didy  <33

(Animated icon Used : Credit goes to a lj user/friend.
ps: If you reconize your work, just tell me & be sure that i'll credit you!)

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