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DidyLici0us Journal

We're working on the Power of Love <33

Didi ( Amandine )
22 February 1989
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Hello everybody ! It's me, Didy :-)
i'm a belgian girl, 21 yrs old,
Full of surprises & loving life !
Respectful & Passionnate Spn & J2 Fangirl =D
Luv Family & Friends, hugs & laughs =P
i'm a huge & devoted fan of Supernatural & our J2 that i love, respect & admirate :)
i love sharing things about my passions & of course stuff about our lives, so please feel free to share everything you want with me :)
It's always nice to meet wonderful people in the Best Fandom ever!
friends,comments & more are welcome:D

My favorite interest :
Supernatural, the brothers
jared padalecki, jensen ackles,

* vidding, watching shows ...
sharing my passions, listening to music,
being with my family & having goodtimes with my friends

about music : everything from every styles from country to rock, instrumental songs & more.. excepted metal rock :(

also ..
Supporting "A Dog's Life Rescue" & "IS(Ian Somerhalder)Foundation"

I love "The Vampire Daries" (Tv Show), Team!Damon, Team!Delena
Big Ian Somerhalder fan!

*/*/*/* I'm really passionnate */*/*/*

(for more infos about my fav pairings & tv shows, just check at my youtube channel)


i don't have a lot of rules actually. if you want to become a friend just ask me :)if you want to know something about me, feel free to ask me :)

note : any work deserves recognition :D i try to credit everything which is not mine on my lj. but if you recognized something you did( fanart, sidebar.. )without any credit on it or a wrong one, plz feel free to tell me & i'll make changes & credit you :D


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